Two, Three, Four, Hopefully More

Gift Two:

Alone time days where my mind can drift like the clouds in the sky. There is no rhyme or reason in these days. No set schedules. Just time to allow me to be me. It is a good excercise in knowing my true self. I empty myslef of everyone else and I feel who I am again. 

Gift Three:

Husband. All love and goodness. Steady and true. My life is blessed because of him from HIM. I can trust…I see the God Man in him. My weakness is safe within his strength. Peace around me under his care. Joy allowed to grow knows no bounds for the Son is our pleasure.

Gift Four:

My family at Beit Tikvah Messianic Congregation. Beit Tikvah means House of Hope. She is all that and more to me. Laughter, love, grace she pours out of her heart doors. Heals my woundedness through relationship. Slow, tender, kindnesses embrace me there. I take the feelings everywhere I go. Shabbat is a joy, is a rest, is holy. I bring the week there and share the burdens of it, the weight of it. Mixing our burdens, we share, we love…all becomes one loving, fulfilled, happy bride dancing with her Beloved. 


By: Kathleen Lee

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