The Spirit of Adoption

Our Heavenly Father gave us one of his precious children to look after for just shy of one year.

She arrived, 10 years old, a child of fear and rejection: desolate, depressed, detached. Flinching at any quick movement and physically violent, it was clear she had seen what young eyes were designed never to see.

O, how your heart yearned to give her a love-filled life, to heal her wounds and breathe life into dry bones.

You placed her into a family of Yours, again choosing your Bride as the One through whom to being hope everlasting to devastated souls.

God of wonders, thank you for: Christmas; her favourite one. The trip to Wales where she skipped around telling everyone how happy she was. Tne first day she ran and hugged me after work. For “the best birthday ever”, and everyone who came from school and church. Her giving nature. Her beautiful eyes. For your Holy Spirit helping her memorise the scriptures. The fact she loved church. Her laugh and enjoyment of life. Games on the trampoline, games indoors, painting. Cake-making. Hearing her share pictures you had given to her. Getting to teach her maths, the gift of showing her love, and most importantly for the joy of pointing her to her Creator and Father God.

For revealing yourself to her, and for her repentance and salvation.

She left yesterday, 10 months older: belonging to the Kingdom of light; a child of hope, a child of God.

Thank you for replacing mourning with dancing, mourning with laughing, rejection with adoption, and for letting us be part of it.

By: Emily

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