The Hard Stuff

It’s hard to take when your kids are disappointed.

Yesterday my 18-yr-old son pointed out to me that a certain NBA player had been in town and several of his friends met him and got pics with him.  He was obviously miffed and I shared his disappointment in the fact that, had he not had a back injury, he may have made the local high school’s basketball team again and gotten to meet the player.  Who knows, the player might have even been down here to scout for colleges and he could’ve gotten a scholarship to the school he so badly wants to attend and play for U of A.

I went in my room and cried for a minute or two but couldn’t for very long as I was on my way out the door for church.  Just did my makeup.  Didn’t wanna redo it or explain why my eyes were red. I tried not to give into the pity I felt for him because that could cripple his and my walks with God.

 Desperately groping for a way to give thanks in the disappointment, I remembered something I heard recently: “Sometimes God says ‘yes’, sometimes He says ‘no’ and sometimes He says ‘I have something better in mind’.”  That made me feel a little better.  Even though he’s missing his Senior year of sports, God has something better for him in the future.  I’m believing the best because God has proven Himself over and over in our lives.  Why doubt him and sin so deeply?

I just finished a book this morning: “1,000 gifts-A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are”-Ann Voskamp.  It changed my way of viewing daily, mundane life.  Now I see blessings in soap suds, mounds of laundry and the people who wear it, and the joy of scrubbing pots for my family.  I also can bring myself to recognize the blessings and grace in the hurts of life.  I couldn’t do that before.  And for that, I’m truly thankful.


By: Kristen

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