The case of the missing key

The phone call came and the voice is panicked and beyond frustrated.  My daughter has locked herself out of her house.  Not usually a problem of monumental proportions unless you have lived in her shoes for the past two and half years.  This small problem is the “straw that may break the back” and the spirit.  I usually have a key to her house but she already knows that I have misplaced it……….I have looked in the car, in the house, in the suitcase, in the purse, in all the other usual places I would have laid it down, have retraced steps of the last time seen key.  The realtor has the other spare and yep, she is out of town with said key.

The weather is sweltering with humidity at 98% and temp at 91 degrees and little one just had major surgery and is not feeling well this morning.

Together we AGAIN go through my car searching for the key for in my mind I KNOW it is in there.  We look hard!  to no avail.  So, we begin searching for a open window.  Nope, they are all locked tight just as they should be.  A friend comes to try to offer assistance and we find storm windows are tightly secured and will required complete replacement if we break in to them.

So, a call goes out to the locksmith.  An hour and $60.00 later he opens the door.  Off we go to have some new keys made to stash in hitch safe, my key ring, and to give to another friend just in case!  Six keys and drinks for the weary $15.00.

In the car, I laugh and tell daughter that “I bet I find that key tomorrow.”  The words are not out of my mouth good and little one sitting in the back seat says, “Beebs, I just found the key!” and holds it up proudly.  I laugh a belly laugh at the humor of this situation and daughter asks, “Are you serious?” 

Why could we not find the key earlier?  Why did we have to spend $75.00 we really did not have to spend when it wasn’t really necessary? What is the lesson in this and what was there to be thankful for?

Well, for one thing, it was a living demonstration of something I have been trying to convey to this daughter struggling with the weight of the world on her weary shoulders.  We get over wrought often times by the small stuff and “life is NOT an emergency!”  She is prone to negativity because I taught her that in earlier times.  I pray she will learn a better way sooner than her feet of clay mom.  I want her to see the humor in situations…………life is a comedy unless it is happening to you.  So why not change the midset to just being a character in the comedy and laugh with the audience. 

I wish I could say she finally got it.  I don’t think so.  But, little one did!  I am thankful to God that she is seeing that attitude is the heart of the battle and our attitude must be gratitude.  I thank God for the breaking of this generational curse that has been passed along long enough. 

Gifts galore

a found key

an open door

a lesson in life

a friend in deed


open heart

a hard moment is a gift from the loving hand of my Father

resources to “fix” problem

His eye is on the sparrow and I know He watches me!

this place to catalog and share “gifts” 

By: Yvonne

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