Thankfulness out of a dark time

My life is full of ups and downs and really the downs have been mostly drama in my eyes.  CHOICE!  Such a strong word.  A lot of the drama was based on my choices or choices my husband and I made together.  Instead of let Christ lead my life since I was saved at 7 I have let the devil take control.  Counting on other to help lead me when I should’ve looked to the One who is always there….never leaving…..never dissapointing.  Some excuses could be considered justifiable reasons but God meant more for my life.  At 32 I have squandered so many years away.  I’m back and forth in a big way with my relationship to God.  Whenever I’m making the bad choices and I’m no one catches me but God has already caught me.  Please pray/for me that everyday I’m realizing that very thing….that God SEES EVERYTHING!  


My husband and I are coming out of a dark time in our marriage right now.  We are very unstable to say the least.  Both saved by Grace but TOGETHER have not been looking to the ONE that is supposed to be the SAVIOUR of our marriage.  Our marriage has never been strong after 14 years this June.  This book, after getting to the middle I didn’t want to put it down, has brought perspecitve that I knew and have read over and over but my heart was so ready to receive.  Notes should have been taken. 🙂


Thank you, Ann, for letting God speak through you onto paper and I’m thankful for the opportunity you had to turn it into a book for anyone to read.


ThHANK you!

By: Leea

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