Thankfulness and stuff

Hi Ann,


Yesterday someone on FB posted a link to your most recent blog entry concerning measuring sticks and though you were speaking to a young girl and I’m forty-eight years old (older than you, even), it hit me right where I live. I’ve extracted a quote from your blog concerning what the forest is and isn’t and placed it on my desktop so I’ll remember it the next time I tumble into that canyon full of measuring sticks. So thank you. Thank you very much.

On to gifts– 

My husband and I met in 1984 (I am not doing the math–that it was a long time ago probably suffices). We became good friends long before he told me that he loved me and without his knowing that I wasn’t at all sure about my faith or what I believed. He stayed with me despite that and because he challenged me when I was wrong (still does) and loved me anyway (I don’t think I really understood grace until he came a long), I found my way into a relationship with Christ. He is my closest friend, the first person I want to tell everything to (poor man), kind and decent to his core, an excellent father (our four boys–all teens and young adults–seek him out regularly to confide in and talk to) and the quickest to volunteer to help others. The fact that God sent him into my life was in itself an act of grace. I was not living the kind of life a woman of God should been living. Both of them loved me anyway.

all the best,
Mary O Paddock
Former homeschooler/still loser of library books 

By: Mary Paddock

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