Thankful for God’s divine hand… and Ann’s book…

I am a mom to 4 children, 2 of which are 2 and under. The last few months have been very hard. Several friends recommended One Thousand Gifts, but I had not opened it. Finally, yesterday of all days, I took a few hours and started to read.

God’s timing is so perfect, I know he is with me. You see, later yesterday afternoon we had our first oncology appoitment for my dear, sweet Dad. We were informed that he has a rare, very aggressive form of cancer, and it is at stage 4. This is heartbreaking for me and my family. However, my attitude in dealing with this, although I am still very sad and greiving, is not what it would have been had I  not picked up Ann’s book a few hours before hearing the worst news of my life.

So today, as I grieve, I am also choosing to be thankful for my Daddy, for his active involvment in my life, that he lives 5 miles from me and his grandkids know and love him, for his love and support, for our good, solid relationship, for his faith in the Lord and peace that he has in knowing where he will go after this life, and for our father/daughter trip to Ethiopia that we took together just 4 months ago for the adoption of our 4th child (my husband could not go, so I took Dad, and now I see the true gift in that). 

By: Kameron Shadrick

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