Thankful for God blessing my with my daughter

I am thankful that God saw me as a mother and blessed me with my adopted daughter.  I could not have children naturally, but He had a better plan.  Before she was born, I dreamed of her and prayed for her, and now that she is hear, I love her so much, and I thank God for her.

I was about to turn 46, the age in which most agencies won’t approve adoptions.  It was Mother’s Day 2008, and I had handed my dream over to the Lord.  Well wishers would say, “Happy Mother’s Day” to me as I worked in the book store at church.  I would reply, it was my dream and not His will for me to have kids, but thank you!

In that morning service, my Pastor said, “I feel led to do something I have not done in any of the other services, and that is to pray for women who want children and cannot have them or who are having a hard time conceiving.”  He asked us to stand, and I was being bull-headed refusing.  However, before I knew it I was standing with tears streaming down my cheeks. 

After the sermon, several people came to me with a word that God was going to bring a child into my life.  One in particular was a woman who came to my side and said, “God wanted me to tell you that He was going to bring a baby daughter into your life before Christmas.”  I received that word all the while saying to myself, well maybe not a baby.  What I left out of my human thoughts was that God knew deep in my heart that I always wanted a baby.

In October 2008, as I sat in the delivery room with our birthmother, I was overwhelmed in my heart when I heard that little cry of our baby girl.  She is the joy of my life, and I am so thankful that He knows what we do not.  He knows our hearts, He knows our dreams, and He knows the plan. 

By: Tina Marie Olson

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