Texas sunrise

I have followed you blog for quite a whilr, Ann, but have always remained anonymous. Today, as I read the first two chapters of your book, God grabbed ahold of my soul and shook it lovingly. I have never been a morning person, but felt the whisper to head ouside for a quiet time before the day’s heat kicked in. I am so thankful i did. Suddenly, my seat on the back porch seemed to come alive in a performance intended just for me. I witnessed one of the most beautiful sunrises I have seen in quite a while…possibly they are always so lovely, but I was here to receive it. I watched as a mama squirrel dashed back and forth through the trees, carrying something strange in her mouth in her journeys. I got closer and realized that she was moving her 6 newborn babes to a safer location! My heart broke and I cried cleansing tears as I saw myself being carried to a new place by my own father! In our severe drought, that squirrel searched and found water needed to support her family by sipping from puddles left on my kids’ trampoline. All her needs were being met, And as the scriptures state in Matthew, how much more does my Father love me? I am in awe of my Father’s love! Now I am seeing beauty in this drought-stricken land that appeared to be ugly and cruel just yesterday. The native wildflowers that rise to meet the sun and their maker, the striking crimson of the cardinal as he lands to eat his fill at the feeder (red, to remind my heart of the crimson blood), the trees dancing in the rare breeze, whispering God’s promises to me, even the dog, who lays his head on my lap and looks into my eyes. He trusts me wholeheartedly, unconditionally….I understand now. father, thank you for this morning to awaken my dry soul…the tears are cleansing my heart, which finally cries again out to you. I thank you for the blessing and gift of another morning to truly be alive!
By: Lori Satterwhite

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