Surgery on the first day of work??? Really Lord!

I got a call about noon today.  A doctor’s appointment did not quite go as hoped……..not that unusual but the logistical dance of life was required.  August 20th was her start date for her new job and now daughter must have surgery and guess when the first opening for surgery is?  Yep, August 20th and it will require a minimum of a week of recovery.  Won’t be starting after all…… least not for a couple more weeks.  New boss was AWESOME!!!!  Come when you can as soon as you get the final post op office visit done.   THANK YOU LORD FOR YOUR AMAZING GOODNESS.


Cardinal pecking on the window

rain on parched ground

Understanding new boss

house hunt narrowed down to 2. 

money for down payment

Mule to the shop

Floor mate died, another purchased, floors clean

Hot boiled peanuts

luscious red ripe tomato sandwich

fig preserves from my tree

pears off the tree enjoyed by two very happy horses

cards written to those sick, grieving, hurting from loss and discipline

Laundry all done!!!

clean sheets on my bed

ability to wash baseboards

insurance finally paying for dental work

paycheck in the mail

panic turned to praise

prayer for house/condo to sell (please join us in this one!)

God’s revelation regarding a very difficult issue and His guidance in how to handle.

opportunity to give to missions in Colorado, China, Romania

busy and blessed

By: Yvonne

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