Stumbling Over Pigs….

Last night my husband and I went out for dinner for the first time, alone, since our fifth baby was born in October. It was wonderful! We finally found a babysitter that is almost 18, she has 5 years experience through our church and her neighborhood, sitting with all ages of children. I’m so thankful for this blessing. We had dinner, drank some wine, walked around downtown for a while with arms around each other, before coming home to our family. We had strolled by Baby Gap and I looked in….then heard my husband say,”It’s not time for baby shopping, it’s time for us!” He was joking, but really it was true. I do often find myself focusing on things that are not here, not now. I had been having a great time with him but was allowing my mind and attention to wander to other things. To my children, who take up so much of our time. It brought me back to the now, the blessing of time spent alone. We got home, paid the sitter, and sat down to talk and spend a little more time….the children were all in bed. We were satisfied, content and happy that we had some time and things went smoothly. We turned off the lights, and made our way to the stairs…my husband ahead of me….when all the sudden there was a clatter, and I’m stumbling for a few steps before righting myself. The culprit? A toy pig lying in the middle of the floor. A leftover from their earlier play while we were gone, from joyous imagination and role playing. We laughed and went on up to bed. But doesn’t that speak so loudly? Aren’t we often stumbling over pigs but not really seeing them for what they are? This is what I am grateful for today.

By: Wendy Woerner

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