So thankful for my girls!

Hi Ann – After having lost our first daughter at the age of 9 months old to Pompe’s Disease, a form of Muscular Dystrophy, we were blessed with 2 healthy daughters.  Those beautiful daughters are now 18 and almost 21 years old and both in college.  One of them just finished up a ceramics class and knowing how much I love your book and have started my own gratitude journal, she made me a replication of the book as one of her “slab” projects.  I thought you’d enjoy seeing how it turned out.  It is beautiful!  And, so are you and your book!

God bless you, Ann, for making us see the beauty of gratitude, even in the midst of how hard this life on earth can be.

Kylie's Ceramics One Thousand Gifts

By: Wendy Franz

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