So Many Gifts

Too Many Gifts To List!

But I will start anyway!  Out of the sheer joy of writing them!

1~ Life walking with God is amazing!  The love of our amazing God and His incredible life-giving son, Jesus.  Nothing else would matter without them. 

2~ An amazing family.  The look in her eye when she loves you, no words can describe it.  A daughter is a piece of God’s own heart balanced in your hands.

3~ Single parents have it tough but God provides us blessings right along with the struggles. My life is a stream. Water is the love we share with the Lord and each other flowing in, all around, and through us. The rocks in the stream were our troubles. But it’s the rocks that reflect the most light!  That light is the love God shines on, in, and all around us! Without the rocks life would simply be flat water.  The rocks create the real beauty!  I’m gifted with every rock and pebble!

3~ Being surrounded by unconditional love that walks wrapped in fur or hair!  There’s nothing like the loyal love of pets.  Pepper, my blue heeler is blind, and has shown me about determination, dedication, pure, unconditional love, and the power of postive living even in the face of devistation. Brutus, our doxie is 15, deaf, and now moves with care.  He is still happy to see you and showers you with love no as though nothing was wrong.

4~ My ranch is an incredible gift from God and my parents.  It’s Heaven right here on earth.  I’ve recently moved to be closer to my pregnant daughter, another amazing gift, but it’s still there in my heart and my mind.  I can travel there any time I need a pick me up!

5~ The outside of a horse is good for the inside of a man is also true for women!  There’s a reason the Lord is to return riding a white horse!  They are gifts from God and I’m blessed everytime I look into their eyes.  What incredible gifts.

6~ Sunshine warming peach tree blossoms in my back yard!


By: Kristi Ross

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