Sharing the gifts

72.  Husband who loves completely, selflessly

90.  My baby girls pig tails

98.  My 4 year old’s hear for Jesus – he is a little loving man

104.  My sister who questions God and runs from Him – a God who loves & never lets go – a God who can not be run from

125.  Forgiveness of sin, new mercies in morning light

126.  My boys playing well together, 3 year old yelling “On Market, set, go” from the living room while I cook in the kitchen

137.  Brown boxes and paper tents

165.  Baby girl who crawls all over me while I try to exercise

I am loving this book.  I am learning to do the work of trusting my heavenly Father.  I am sharing the book with my aunt who is losing her mother-in-law to cancer and my own precious mother-in-law facing this giant in her own body.  Jesus is my all in all.

166.  One Thosuand Gifts and other books that point me to Jesus

By: Elizabeth

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