Reminders that Spring is coming

I’m grateful today for temps in the 40’s, allowing the dense snowpack to settle, the melt to begin, pavement showing under the compacted snow on my driveway, being able to trade my goosedown coat for a lighter one, not needing my hood which keeps my hair looking ‘decent’.   I’m thankful for muddy footprints my corgis track in the house, and their obedience when I yelled, “Stop!  Stay!” before they got through the kitchen onto the living room carpet.    I’m thankful for the availability of flood insurance and the financial means to purchase it.

I’m thankful for a Valentine from a friend, expressing gratitude for the bond we share in Christ.   I’m thankful for a job which gives me enough PTO that I could take a day off to prepare a meal for a family facing a medical crisis.  

By: Beth Pennings

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