I just finished reading the entries of the last few weeks here.  I admit I rarely comment to the entries and find only rare comments to mine.  The fact that this is true is no reflection of how each entry moves and encourages me and especially how often I say “amen!” in agreement to the words carefully and I suspect hesitantly placed here.  If anyone is like me, just the act of acknowledging my many gifts is also a recognition and acceptance of the life God has crafted for me and mine.  Journaling here is a public.  Anyone can read.  Who does it minister too or touch I know not, but my Father does.  We see we are not alone in our struggles, on our journey, or in our sorrow.

To each of you who have left a piece of your heart here……….THANK YOU!  Being thankful is easy when life is going as we want, but not so easy when life is lived in a valley without answers, understanding or an end in sight. Praise the Lord, we are learning to follow His command of give thanks in ALL things.

To the one who penned the book that led to all this, I say thank you Lord, for 51 weeks on the NYT bestseller list.  For it leads others to read this life changing message of hope and adds to the sisterhood of thanks and without a doubt leads to Christ and salvation. 

Blessings to all!

By: Yvonne

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