Reaching 1000 Gifts

Father – giving thanks in all things, I say thank you for…

971. Princess daughter fixing cheese toast when I feel bad

972. Sensitive son putting ham and cheese sandwiches together

973. Three youngest red faced from roller skating

974. Lunch and shopping with mentee

975. Washing powder for dirty laundry

976. Princess daughter making biscuits from scratch all by herself (they were yummy)

977. Bible Blitz for youngest – encouragement from Children’s Minister – instilling a love for God’s Word

978. New remodeling project started – 3 boys take down suspended ceiling in dining room

979. One boy hauls trash to truck

980. Helpful Son hauls truck full of trash to dump

981. Princess daughter checking out French and Spanish lesson DVD’s from library

982. Challenge son volunteering at fire departmentPainted Desert1

983. Pictures from Gold-hearted mom’s travel adventures

984. Darling daughter’s ducks laying eggs

985. Precious husband cleaning toilet

986. Two other boys cleaning toilets

987. Medicine for cold relief

988. Helpful son going to get medicine

989. Fabulous family allowing me to stay in bed while sick

990. Even though I feel bad I enjoy folding warm towels on cool afternoons

991. Cough drops

992. Warm Krispy Kreme donuts, shaped like hearts

993. Freezer full of venison

994. Venison roast and potatoes in the crockpot

995. Sensitive son making shepherd’s pie

996. DSC00450Cool homeschool helps on the internet

997. Shelves full of books

998. Soft peppermint candies

999. Snow that comes and goes

1000. Precious husband’s hands enclosing mine

I celebrate, now I’ve made it to 1000! And I truly can’t wait to see what God has in store for the next 1000.

Because He keeps giving, I keep counting. The list goes on…
By: Nancy

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