Praying for a miracle.

After reconnecting with a wonderful friend she led me to this site. And for a short while I put it off. With everything going on its easier to stay shut off from the world than to be involved. But today, somehow I was brought upon this page. And in a second my heart felt at ease. These past few years have been difficult, and everyday is becoming more of a challenge. But reading others posts and hearing others stories I think to my self, “what happened to me?” “Why have I let the negativity in my life bring me down?” I ask God to give me strength everyday in order to make it through one more day. And I ask God for forgiveness that I am angry or sad when I know others have it worse out on the world. I am thankful for
Having such a great God and I know that regardless of my fears, mistakes and frustrations he will
Stand by me, guarding me
And protecting me. God is great and God is good. I am thankful he brought here to Share my thoughts with you all.
By: Hana

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