Perseid did not deliver the 100 sightings per hour from our vantage point of meteor watching.  We lay on the bed of the mule utility vehicle in the middle of the pasture with horses nuzzling and blanket of dew falling.  The sky crystal clear with Milky Way visible and the occassional meteor delighted us……….until wee one fell asleep snuggled between mom and me and little white ball of fur serenaded by the song of cicadas and frogs, and the occassional howl of coyote in the distance and bark of the dog.

The heavens declare the Glory of God and the firmament His handiwork!

As I looked heavenward, I saw a billion reasons to give thanks but for the two priceless hours of togetherness I was left without vocabulary sufficient to utter gratefulness of heart.  As we saw breath suspended in cool August air (what a surprise in the deep south) we felt the Presence of Holy God as little voice began to speak Scripture with passion and faith that is only seen in a child.  We were still and knew He was God.

I was reminded that like the stars of the heavens, we the children of God reflect the light of the Son and occassionally one of us brillantly streaks across the sky delighting the world and making our Presence known and bringing attention to Him only to quickly burn out and leave no reminder of ourselves only of Him. 

May the beauty of His light and the peace of the night bless you today is my prayer!

Counting on

stars twinkle

Perseid streaks

Breath given

Curiosity aroused

Love shared

Peace experienced

Faith displayed

The world continues to turn

Glory seen

By: Yvonne

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