I recently recieved a message, Facebook style, that a friend was getting a divorce.  And it wasn’t what he ever expected in life.

This friend was my high school boyfriend.  And I couldn’t help but wonder, “Where would I be if…”

And then I saw where I was right now.  I saw what I’ve overlooked these five weeks since I started writing down my 1000 gifts.  What is right here.  Right now.  For me.  Because He cared to spare me from what I might have been when I was with him, that highschool boyfriend who is facing divorce. 

I am in a family.  My family.  With four children who adore their Daddy.  Who giggle over Cheerios stacked on a tootpick and how silly their 3-yr old brother looks with, “pokey hair.”

I am in His Love.  In His Peace.  In His will.  In His Life for me.  And this family is His will for my life.  And His will is the gift.


Thank you, Ann, for helping me look over what I’ve overlooked.


By: Tracey Beers

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