I’ve spent the last few months debating a potential career move, asking God for guidance over and over.  I’ve plead for direction, telling Him that I do not accurately know my own abilities, I am much more familiar with my own fears, and I need His leading to determine what I am able to do and should do.  This has worn on me and I’m at the point of feeling that neither decision can be the right one.  Then today I realized what a blessing it is that I have the opportunity to debate such a decision.  In so many places, as a woman, my path in life would be determined by someone else every step of the way.  I have been able to follow my dreams, to pursue things that I am good at.  I was able to marry someone of my own choosing, who is supportive of me and whatever decision I make.  We have had the chance to pursue education, and to live such full lives when so many struggle just to survive the day.  I am thankful for this freedom and want to count the weight of decision-making as a blessing and something that so many are deprived of.  Though it doesn’t help me make up my mind, yet, I choose to be mindful of the gift of options.

By: Kelly

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