Opening up, Drinking In Deep

#1  treasure of a book, i have found  #2 how he arranges the bears, cards and flowers for all his girls #3 how he said i have all of him #4 black, white, & pink acrylics, paint brushes, two shoeboxes #5 how Bella says in her angel voice, “it my valuntine day”  #6 how a big sister stays up late painting boxes that will hold gifts #7after i’ve blurted out so many words, how he takes my hand and says “im holding it now”  #8 the feeling of knowing i’ve comforted my hurting little one in the night  #9 how that we didnt wake him and he rested #10knowing this is true love’s sacrifice   #11 satisfaction in serving #12 how Ivy comes to me and says “Mama, im so happy you got pregnant with Lilly because i love her!” #13 him whipping into the parking lot of my favorite restaurant on a whim  #14 sharing a good meal, wine, and laughter together #15 after all these years and all these tears, he is the only one for me  #16 how he makes my heart skip wildly, makes my eyes get wet #17 Lilly, toddling unsteadlily on polished pine, her tiny voice like music #18 Ivy’s startling little fairy voice, “Mama, look!”, and curious little floating specks in rays of light #19 Lorna whispers in his ear, “get dressed, go to the store, get the candy for the bags and then Mama wont be upset” #20 he helps her arrange cookies in heart outlined bags #21 knowing that when i wake in the morning after giving sleep over to words, numbers, books, and sick children–His grace will be there for the drinking….. 

By: Nacole Simmons

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