No Hitchhikers

I picked up a hitchhiker.  Once.

Why?  Ah, but of course, I knew you’d ask.  My boyfriend (and current husband) posed that exact question, albeit with a bit more intensity.  Needless to say, I was unsuccessful in convincing him that it was a really great idea.

You see, I wondered what could my life look like, if instead of asking why, I asked why not?  It just so happens that as I was hypothesizing my new thesis, I pass this hitchhiker and…well, it made sense at the time.

My first attempt was so poorly received that I permanently sidelined the topic.  That is until a few weeks ago.  Feeling unsettled, emotionally and spiritually weak, I found myself searching…searching for something more, something different.  Was I suffering from depression?  Unlikely.  A mid-life crisis?  Maybe.  Disappointment?  Most definitely.

I began to revisit that day so many years ago.  You know it really wasn’t a bad idea, so much as poor execution.

So what could my life look like? A life lived asking why not.  Well, I am about to find out.

By: Camiel Rodriguez Hull

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