My gift of suffering

I have been going through the great suffering of tapering off anxiety medication, called benzo withdrawal.  It has been a living hell, with many symptoms and yet I am grateful because I am alive, and I have grown closer to so many kind and compassionate people, who support me daily, through this.  I grow closer to God as I have had to remain strong and unwavering in my faith that I will get through each day, until I am off the medication.  I am grateful to be alive.  I am grateful for those who love me.  I am grateful for those who cook and shop for me, and for those who literally hold me in their arms as I cry from this suffering.

I am grateful that I have my disability check to pay for my mortgage, I am grateful for such a challenging experience, to expand my soul, and bring me into greater states of love and compassion.

I am grateful for your book and the loving friend who gifted me with it, so I can be ever more grateful for the smallest of things, as I continue to heal.

I am grateful to anyone who is willing to write to me, to offer their love and support while I continue to heal.


Thank you God, and thank you Ann for being such an inspiration to so many.      Love, Aryana



By: Aryana

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