I hear You say, “come to Me”.

Almost tears- ok they are welling.

I rise up out of bed easily at 6:21 am. No particular place to go or task to get done.

My husband has left for work long ago. I place the coffee remainders in the microwave and check my phone messages quickly. I don’t want the microwave to beep. I need to catch it in the last seconds. A variety of birds are singing outside. I just can’t allow that mechanical beep to disturb the music.

I sit with my coffee and Bible in my comfy chair.  “Come to Me”. It sounds so dreamy but I know my heart is drawn and distracted by myself. My phone messages which I didn’t completely scroll through. Will I make it to the gym this morning? The teens in my house asked for fruit salad last night. Amazing in itself. I have tasks to get to. Will I quickly read and miss the Me? I am going through the motions.

Drip drip drip. A car drives by running off to a job where someone is needed. They are expected. Someone else is counting on them. It passes in a hurry. I hear the birds again. In my pj’s, “is my life just motions?”

Unfelt tap on the shoulder, inaudible whisper in my ear, “Come to Me”. Without Him, all of life is motions.

The next cup of coffee declares ready with a beep. The garbage disposal breaks the quiet, flushing the remains of the fruit salad I have prepared. The cars passing with purpose are more frequent. My gym cloths are on. The remaining carrot and pineapple muffins just pulled out of the oven. I hear the metal grinding of the bunk bed upstairs. Someone is waking. I have purpose. It may not be grand or sophisticated. Only a handful depend on me today. But since I have heard Him, I know these tasks are not without purpose.

How would you describe your life, today, on purpose?

Did you hear the “come to me”? It’s not too late.

By: Jackie Anderson

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