Little things

the comforting weight of husband’s arm around my middle as I fall asleep

the unconditional, simple love of my little ones

the way their eyes light up when they see me

the way the two baby girls hug and say sorry after a squabble.

the blessing of a good, faithful, patient husband

holding the oldest as he falls asleep  folding long legs into my lap

Remembering him as a baby.  The curve of his perfect black eyebrow.

feeling a thin arm around my neck and a sleepy voice saying, mamma I love you

Seeing the princess running on her stubby legs, dark curls flying and the one little chubby arm pumping, her way of running ‘fast!’

Seeing the oldest girl, still a baby herself, comforting the youngest one.

Experiencing the oldest one’s exhuberant energy, non-stop bounce and joy, laughter vibrating his scrawny boy frame.

Sharing a moment with husband and feeling his love and care envelop me, hearing the good thoughts he has about his wife.

Reading, finding new wisdom, looking for and learning about God.

The silken golden brown sheet of hair falling straight down a small girl’s back, curly ends whipping in the wind as she runs.

discovering the wisdom of being thankful

taking this journey to open my spiritual eyes.






By: lize

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