Lightening bugs

Tonight is a crisp cool spring night in the deep south.  The moon is full and bright.  The woods are pitch black except for the thousand gifts of light blinking and beckoning.  Lightening bugs!!!  Little morse code magic insects that light up the night with joy and fun.  I watch as one approaches and circles me.  I take a step and it is as if they all sense my presence and the signals pause and then erupt into a new bevy of communication.

I wonder if this is how the prayers of saints appears?  Beacons of Holy Spirit inspired transmission to the Father.  All noted.  All heard.  All seen.  All important. 

As I lift up prayers for so many in my world that are frightened because they found out today they have cancer and are facing body altering surgery, frustrated because the test studied for so hard did not go as well as hoped for and needed, anxious as they await word of son in Afganistan, determined to storm heavens gates for answers that are hidden, thankful for all the blessings of life, liberty, pursuit of happiness, and sorrowful because they have been left behind and loved ones are now in the arms of Jesus I wonder if my communication with the Almighty is this pure, holy, light, and hopeful.

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lightening bugs beautiful

cool night silent

privilege of prayer

hope for tomorrow

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salvation pure and sweet

By: Yvonne

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