~ Laughter ~

I’m thankful for laughter!
It’s a feeling inside of you that can’t control.
You can’t do anything except… smile. 🙂
Even when you’re sad, your tears somehow instantly disappear with laughter.
I think of the times when I’m having a conversation (whether it be serious or not) and within seconds, I’ll be on the floor laughing like CRAZY – for some odd reason!
I think of times when someone gets tickled… especially my brother! I look at his face and can’t help but laugh! I think of times when I’m laughing SOO hard that it hurts!
Laughter is something that can not really be explained properly, but it sure makes you feel good! 😛
God made laughter and smiles for a reason… so lets use them and laugh a little! It’s good for you and everyone else.
There are SO many gifts that we are blessed with each day of our lives. I’ve shared just one of mine! 🙂

By: Caroline Hiemstra

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