July Joy Dare #2

“Enter the password: ‘Thank you!” . . . Thank Him. Worship Him!

–Psalm 100:4



July 10th — 3 gifts in weakness

1. sleeping late because of bad dreams

2. too much chocolate

3. recognition that eating right/exercising

DOES make a difference

July 11th — 3 gifts in jars

1. demerara sugar for my tea

3. mayonnaise for my tomato and cheese

sandwich on rosemary/olive oil bread

July 12th — a gift of life, growth, decline

1. a lovely steady rain

2. plants returning to the land of the living

3. exhaustion after a 1 mile swim

July 13th — 3 gifts curled

1. my fingers around my morning

mug of tea

2. the vacuum cleaner cord as

my daughter completes the cleaning

3. my legs as I curl up on the sofa

chatting with old friends

July 14th — 3 gifts yellow

1. the sunflowers at Whole Foods

2. one of the colors in my new

3. the circles in my tie dyed shirt

July 15th — 3 gifts of stone

1. my Jizo statue

2. a zebra stone inadvertently broken

3. stepping stones made years

ago by my children

July 16th — 3 gifts hanging down

1. my curly hair

2. wind chimes on my front patio

3. a ribbon on my magic wand

By: Melanie

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