innermost praise and gratitude for saving us on a winter car trip~

My husband and I were driving back from Jasper, AB in February with the snow piled high and the exit obscured by an embankment of snow. The right thing to do to get unto the Anthony Henday Highway was to ‘gun’ the engine of my Buick, to ‘floor’ it, to get off the exit. It was the only thing to do, logically. An inner voice: clear, calm and concise rose above the logic ” Pull over to the right immediately, far over off the road”. Completely nonsensical in this situation. I complied and my husband and I are alive today because of this. Thank you, Holy Spirit, thank you. We would have been pulverized by an off-side mammoth truck that had been blocked from vision was where we should have been. Immediately we saw God’s grace. Blessed be the Name of the Lord! 

By: Diane Raborn

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