I’m a grape

This past week I spent four lovely days in the “big apple” with my sisters.  That in itself is enough to be thankful for!  It was an answer to a prayer of many years.  We had grown apart.  Life can be hard and the way we navigate sometimes runs others aground.

During supper at a quaint little Italian resturant, one sister posed the question, “If you were a food, what would you be?”  Before you think how silly, understand that she is a soul searcher.  She thinks way deeper than me, and has spent years in the company of “paid friends” to help her sort out lifes tragedies, struggles, and disappointments.  She was far from family and shed her southern roots for the freedom of the west.

One sister responded chocolate.  The sister that posed the question an oyster.  I am a grape.  If you think of a grape, how it grows, how it is used, how it is processed, and what makes it sweet you will know me!  The odd thing is, I never knew that about myself until the one who was wanting to know me better, understand how I “tick,” and appreciate my uniqueness cared enough to ask. 

I just received a text message……..”Have a great grape day!”  I smiled, asked the Son to let me hang on the vine a little longer, grow sweeter, and to be willing to be stomped if necessary to extract that sweetness to fill the life of others with His sweet wine, or help me stand the heat as He dries the liquid to leave the wrinkled pulp for use at a later date,  or to use me as dye to color anothers world with the deep richness of His love. 

I continue to be amazed at how much I am like a grape.  Tough skin, easily broken, love the company of other “grapes,” want to stay with the vine, love the Son, and yet so want to be useful to many and be sweet, and used in lots of ways.   Yep, I am a grape. 

What food are you?  You will smile when the answer pops in your mind!  It’s the first thing that comes to mind that counts!

799      sisters

800      laughter

801      new sights, sounds, seasons

802      new beginnings begun

803      being squeezed out

804      other grapes in my bunch

805      the Son making me sweeter, fuller


By: Yvonne

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