I simply asked out of hunger

I have been seeking our Father God for more of Himself, His Son, my Lord Jesus and to know His Holy Spirit. I simply communed one day as I was hungrily wanting to know His depth of meaning of being His bride. Within a little snapshot of time I heard sweetly within a simplistic response to me as Father said ‘you are betrothed to my Son my only Son’ you are HIS bride”

It was a gift to me and always will be! I am thankful of His love.

I wish to add one more story that means so much speaking about Love!

As I walked through the cornstalks ( as curtains) in the mountains of Quiche in Guatemala I approached a clearing. There was an open field with a mud floor shack. A little girl ran up to me ( she was about 8 years old). She told me she lived there with her grabdfather but he was gone at the time. After a little peice of time talking I asked her what she needed and how I could pray with her and for her.  She looked up into my eyes and said ‘ kernals of corn so they could plant more corn for their food’. Right then it was as if the heavens opened up and Gods heart became mine and I had this overwhelming love for her as if I were her father her mother! It was HIS love! 

I was thankful!

By: Rosemary

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