I Believe in Miracles

Last Wednesday night I sang this with a congregation of 5,000  and got overcome with thankful emotion as I reflected on the words to this great hymn:


v. 1 Creation shows the power of God–There’s glory all around,

And those who see must stand in awe, For miracles abound.


chorus:  I believe in miracles–I’ve seen a soul set free,

Miraculous the change in one redeemed through Calvary;

I’ve seen the lily push its way up through the stubborn sod–

I believe in miracles for I believe in God.


v.2  I cannot doubt the work of God, It’s plain for all to see:

The miracles that He has wrought should lead to Calvary.


v.3  The love of God!  O power divine!  ‘Tis wonderful to see

the miracle of grace performed within the heart of me.





By: Sharon

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