Thanks to your
– I wanted to share with you three pictures of a
GRATITUDE board in my hallway.  I encouraged my family to write on the
board for a week- (it’s simply a piece of poster board in a poster board frame
with stick-on letters.)

After the week was over, my husband pulled it down and read
all the entries to the family- -it was GREAT!!


My teenagers
asked me to keep up the board until it’s completely full!!! YAY—they
“get”  the gift of gratitude!!!!


And to you, ANN—thank you for being a blessing to us through
your One Thousand Gifts book. I’m actually thinking about buying a case of
books and giving them as Christmas presents this year with a little
journal  and nice pen to encourage my extended loved ones to dive into the
blessings of gratitude.


Blessed beyond measure!!!


By: T.H.

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