Grateful for this book

Today I am grateful for the placement of the One Thousand Gifts devotional that I stumbled upon last week.  I just began the first couple devotions and already my book is filled with highlighter pen marks.  So much rich goodness that flows from Ann’s words and her graceful heart.  Being ungrateful in my selfish moments is something I have always worried about and prayed that I might overcome…. but then the world steps in and tells me I should be worried, or angry, or stressed.  This book I know is going to do amazing things to my heart and soul… I can already feel it.  I am grateful for a woman like Ann who shares this gift of her faith, wisdom, and rawness that so many of us women struggle with, in having to be so much to so many 24/7.  So my heart is beyond grateful today for this book, this website, and all the women who share my heart and soul for a grateful heart and life that exudes glorifying Jesus… who deserves all of our thanks in every moment of every day.


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