God’s love, almost tangible to soul

This morning I pondered long Colossians 3:13-17, deeply sensing the breath of the Spirit… And, wildest of graces, in the evening my father stood up in the opening of the assembly’s prayer meeting and read these very verses, no more, no less!!! He had absolutely no clue about my morning quiet time today. My own father I often struggle to be thankful for, he was used by the Spirit, his heart, his eyes, his voice, his hands holding the Bible, all these made into pure gift of love…from God just to me, this foolish little one slowly made wiser. Talk about God’s timely love tokens! And at the end of the service another brother dwelt on the same Scripture and how I smiled silent, giddy happiness when I heard him state loud and clear: “All is grace”.

Thank You, Lord.

By: Lee

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