Gifts taken for granted

1. Sunshine

2. A friend’s listening heart

3. A ♥lovers♥ smile; his humor

4. Black and white pearly keys dancing under my fingertips; hearing the music He created me to make

5. smell of cinnamon and vanilla

6. A friend’s compassion


8. soft blanket, fluffy pillows

9. freedom to worship♥

10. Beauty

11. An elder’s wisdom

12. The way the light of the moon hits creation

13. Birds flying, singing. God cares for them, how much more does, and will, He care for us? 🙂

14. Yellow

15. Feet gliding across a wooden floor; feeling like i’m floating, a taste of heaven.

16. Surprises-gifts, visitors, new friends!

17. Butterflies’ elegance

18. time to read

19. Community

20. Whole, protected families.

By: Alyssa

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