Family and Friends

my son Josten’s graduation from high school,running errands with my Mom,surprise visit from Lily, my wonderful friend Vicki and her visits and playing Mexican Train Dominoes together, my husband Joe’s trip to Israel, the beautiful pictures he is sending from Israel, playing with Lanie and Lexie, Jordans successful EEG and Petscan, safety in travel for loved ones, celebrating birthdays with friends:Lynn, DawnLee, walking with Mary, Jascha’s birthday tomorrow, the gift of my 5 boys, getting to do Readeo with Abby and Jordan my grandchildren,walking at the park with Christy and Jacob, lunch with DawnLee and her Mom, our fabulous 1st meeting of our online Biblestudy group on Mother’s Day and breakfast at IHop together, finding old friends on facebook:Lisa, Twilla, and others, a fun filled Memorial Day with our new daughter-in-law and her family and friends, yummy food: cinnamon rolls, brownies, potato salad, southern caviar, Link’s visits, Starburst sleeping on my lap, Bre’s graduation party and time with her family, Talking to Charlie Murphy on Facebook and remembering “Eternity” and my favorite song:Rock of Ages, Cornerstone, Family Get togethers for Josten’s graduation and John and Michelle leaving, my wonderful Daddy and him buying dinner on Graduation night, Jaret taking his Grandma shopping and to pick up her medicine, Jacob’s new scooter and the freedom it gives him, our chiropractors, my Lord and Savior Who loves me so much!

By: Lori SHeffield

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