I am grateful for family today more than ever.  My precious Nannie is in hospice and is waiting anxiously for the day until she goes home to meet Jesus.  We cleaned her house today, which was a very sad event.  The realization that she will never go back to that house, that she will never again be the Nannie that we know and loved.  The sweet woman who let us wear old prom dresses every summer after she had taken us to Stone Mountain to play and let us stay with her for a week each year is already gone.  What remains is a frail shadow of the woman we all know and loved.  And I am grateful for family.  We worked together, we cleaned, packed boxes, loaded trucks and cars, and many other things togehter.  Most importantly to me, we comforted each other.  We found precious gems among Nannie’s things. For me, handwritten notes in sprial bound notebooks are a treasure.  My sister loves the old pictures (some dating back to 1938).  We all found their own priceless objects among all of the material things.  We are family and though we have grown older and apart in distance and daily live, we are still family.  I am thankful for all of you and I love you very much.  

By: Michelle

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