On this day of Love I am so thankful for

My dear sweet patient loving husband,  beautiful kind hearted six year girl old that is my first miracle baby,  fun loving blue eyed four year old that has already wrapped many presents from around the house this morning for her momma and baby sister, a sweet chubby curlyheaded baby that makes me laugh and gives the best hugs,  thankful for the health of my family today, for the sunshine and warmer day to melt the patches of leftover snow and ice, for living next door to wonderful friends that watched our 3 and their 3 yesterday, so hubby and I could celebrate the day of love and the day he asked me to marry him 10 years ago!  thankful for the fun time we had and a break from wiping tables and tears and noses and to just concentrate on the love that started all this crazy messy fun in our lives, a God that loves me when I am a mess, and make big messes a God that loves me unfathombly more then I love my sweet mess makers. 

By: Rachel

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