Eucharisteo and the miracle

Six months ago I read 1000 Gifts and began counting thanks. And although we had a few days where I would consider it hard eucharisteo, for the most part, our lives were in a season of sunny, easy days and thanks. Then, yesterday my husband lost his job, unexpectedly, that he’s only had for 6 months. Our family of 6, on his single income, were blindsided and devastated. I spent the entire day crying off and on, trying to pray, trying to fix my eyes on my Father. I called a few close friends to intercede for us. 

Last night after dropping off my daughter at church, I sat in the car trying to pray and read Scripture. The only prayer I could squeak out was “Help me God to see you. If I can see you during this time, I know I’ll be ok.” I opened my Bible to Psalm 106:1 “Hallelujah, give thanks to the Lord, for He is good, His faithful love endures forever.” I thought “This is the hard eucharisteo and I need to give thanks.” I uttered the words out loud “Thank you God” -which was all I could get out at that moment. And then, what happened next, was the miracle that Ann writes about and Scripture tells us about… I saw God. Not literally, of course, but I saw Him, His view of our situation, and His smile. Because as I gave thanks, Psalm 106:1 came to life in my heart and mind. Give thanks to the Lord (which I did), for He is good. I stopped. He. Is. Good. And everything that comes from and through His hands is good for us! Everything. And that somehow, in His unimaginable ways, this situation is good! It’s what’s best for us! God is smiling because something good has just taken place in our lives. And I could give thanks for it, and to Him, and that His Faithful Love Endures Forever. His Faithful Love to me and my husband and our 4 precious children endures forever.

By: Jamie King

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