It comes in many forms… A friend who says, “Read this book!” and lends me her copy, underlined and noted in, which not only encourages me, but gives me glimpses of the priceless treasure she is to me. An email received from someone praying for my family. Tiny baby zerberts blown on my neck. Scriptures memorized, forgotten, then recalled at just the right moment. Seeing someone be transparently true and realizing another lie of the enemy is exposed… No, I am not the only wife, mother , daughteroftheking who struggles in this area. Hearing trust defined as giftedness. Waking with a hymn on my heart and lips. The beauty of employment that fulfills me and enables me to use my spiritual gifts, bless others, and share time, money and work to bless the body of Christ — those already in the family, and those observing, considering, and being drawn by the Spirit. My heart yearns to embrace the gifts, hard ones, obvious ones, taken for granted ones, and all undeserved.
By: Linda

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