Dancing Dust

I live in Alabama and this morning after all the storms had passed and the clouds had cleared, bright glaring sunshine broke in the early morning.  As I walked through the kitchen into the den the beams of bright light came streaming in from the windows high.  In the light was the dancing dust!  Dust dancing in air, down then up and side ways, and round and round as the microscopic particles of my being slowly, ever so slowly drifted in the general direction of down.  Dancing in the light.  Is that not how I am suppose to live my life.  Me dust with God breathed breath happy in the light of His amazing grace.  The dust will settle and I will wipe away only to find it settled again. God has to stir me up or I too get settled, complacent, oblivious.  I want to dance so Lord, stir me up and shine your light and let the whole world see Joy! 

Gifts #355 – 361

Dancing dust in sunlight

Calm after the storm

Prayers for those affected by storms-hard eucharisteo

Name written in dust on furniture

New Beginnings for son so dear

Blue ribbon for ride well done

Tears of a friend

By: Yvonne

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