~ creativity ~ love ~ memories ~

a natural outdoor table centerpiece created by my daughter * forsynthia branches, ornamental grass, twigs, pussy willows set in a vase surrounded by an assortment of small stones ~ a dinner prepared by my first born ~ a son in law with a smile on his face cutting the lawn wishing he had his own lawn to cut ~ smile on hubby’s face as I pull in the driveway ~ helping hands of my son in the kitchen cleaning up ~ Love surrounding me on Mother’s Day ~ missing my own mother, but thinking of the gifts of tradition, memories of favourite meals prepared by her loving hands ~ memories of her words of encouragement ~ memories of her loving hands upon all of us ~ missing her, but feeling blessed by a mother I will always cherish and love and am excited to know that we will be together again ~ she will be at the gates of heaven with the father welcoming me ~

By: Patricia

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