countless blessings

I am new to sharing here, but have just started a new blog as a place to recognize and share with others blessings from God.  I am currently at 15…
1. my husband
2. Tanner (son, 6)
3. Jason (son, 4)
4. Laine (daughter, almost 2)
5. a walk with a friend
6. fresh air
7. a running vehicle
8. 7.5 years of marriage
9. the sun shinning this afternoon
10. dinner to make for my family
11.  boys drawing at the kitchen table before dinner
12. a husband who knows and loves the Lord
13. a few quite moments this morning before the children begin to stir
14. a teacher for our oldest son that we feel comfortable leaving him with everyday
15. a nice phone conversation with my Dad last night

By: Andria G.

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