Boys alive!

So thankful for four boys and all their noise; for sons who play tag where they shouldn’t in the racks.  For a daddy who comes when I text, “Kids playing tag.  Help!”  Bone grateful for blue eyes (three pairs) and sugary mouths across the table, tongues licking frosting, and goofy hats atop three brown heads.  Smiling big at the four bottles of chocolate milk all around my lone coffee cup.  Heart warms as I look at their father, and think, “What have we done?”  We share a smile, looking at those three faces with three sets of flashing molars.  The donuts are evaporating.

Happy as a clam to carefully wrap three donuts left in the box, carrying them carefully, along with an extra chocolate milk, to the biggest boy at his new job.  His face lights up when he sees our lively troop.  He hugs my neck, kisses my cheek, and punches his brothers to show his affection.  When we leave, that big college kid hugs his father and then all three brothers with utter freedom, no hesitation right there in public, and waves goodbye.

So happy…so grateful for boys alive and a daddy wise.

By: Rhonda Schrock

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