Bitter disappointment

I saw it quite by accident.  Ann Voskamp speaking in Nashville area…..a five hour drive from my hometown.  THAT WAS DOABLE!!!!  So, I ordered two tickets, got off work, juggled previous plans and began calling friends to find a traveling buddy for the day long, into the night trip.  I called 8, count them, EIGHT friends and not one could go.  How could that happen.  So, I decided I would go by myself and drink lots of coffee to stay awake on the drive home.  Then, my great aunt went in the hospital, was diagnosed with recurrent cancer and went to rehab for radiation and physical therapy and I decided to go see her “on my way” to Nashville.  I arrived spent some time with her and then I noted that her lunch was very late and she had a treatment scheduled for the afternoon and if she did not get her lunch soon she would miss it.  Well, in Alabama obesity is a problem but for this regal lady that is not a problem.  She is 5’11” and weighs 89 pounds.  Yes, the cancer has already taken its toll over the years.  By the time I got to the bottom of the problem of lunch I discovered her orders had not made it to the rehab facility and I needed to get that cleared up, it was after 2:00 p,m. and I had a four and a half hour drive if I did not stop, eat, and put the pedal to the medal.

As I sat in the parking lot looking at my coveted tickets, I knew that the Lord had put up a road block.  I was not to go.  I was bitterly disappointed.  There are not many things that I get excited about doing.  I WANTED to hear this lady speak!

I got a follow up email that told of the blessed evening all spent in her presence and how many children found sponsors and that God was present and the Holy Spirit ministered.  I missed this blessing.  I was sad all over.

Then, that still small voice said, “If I had wanted you there, you would have been there.”  Why was I delayed?  Why could no one go with me? I do not know, but this I do know:  God is in control, and He had a reason that this trial occurred and He will weave it into my life as a blessing.  So, though I was disappointed (and rightfully so) I am sure that I should be grateful for the way He protected me.  I hope I get to hear Ann someday, but if not I will have eternity to get to know her.  Isn’t that a blessed realization.  Thank you God for Ann, a handmaid of the Lord!

June 13th

Three gifts smelled:  peaches, horses, and a sweaty happy little girl at play.

By: Yvonne

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