Ann w/o the fanciful e

“She is an artist with a pen,” I tell someone.  But it is more than that!  She fills in my Many Colored Days with words that if I could find them in the swirl of emotion, chaos, and confusion of daily living I would write myself.  She gently but honestly pulls the feelings within and on a canvas of white she taps out onto the pixel screen a painting that breathes with life and vitality.  Where was I when God gave out this incredible gift?  Yes, I confess coveting this……….I long to be able to nourish others in the kingdom as does she.  Where did she find the courage to use this gift?  Vulnerability according to Brene Brown is the “birthplace of courage, creativity, and compassion.”  She is vulnerable.  She confesses it quiet.  Her beauty is her grace.  Her paintings His prize! 

Today, all my daughters are in transition.  Each fearful of what lies ahead.  Each needing more than I can provide.  Then, up it comes in email.  Today’s blog from Ann without the fanciful “e”: a prayer for a daughter.  Words that gave floor to feet, hope to heart, and peace to soul of weary mamma.  Out of the whirlpool leapt a portrait of my daughters.  Wind in hair, sun shining on their backs, a stone bridge to Father crossing the tear strewn path, and hidden within them as if by magic were snapshots, each doing His work of righting wrongs, bringing smiles, and lifting up another.  They were dressed each as a princess and each was a pied piper of sorts:  One to the sick, one to the lame, one to the deaf, one to the forgotten.   I saw them as Jesus sees them…….perfect in Him.  Beautiful feet for they publish peace, countenances of light and laughter, bent over, reaching down, erasing hurts, binding brokenness, heads bowed in thanksgiving.

So my thanksgiving list today is very short.  I thank the God of Heaven and earth for the gift of a painter of prose whose identity is Ann without the e.  In her writing, in His name, she nourishes broken hearts of women and we “crave more of Christ, have hunger for Him.”  Each day is a holy experience and today it was my one of thousands of priceless gifts.  Thank you my soul sister. 

By: Yvonne

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