And the Journey Begins

Ann’s words are indeed changing my world.

I was loaned One Thousand Gifts by a friend who insisted HE was persistent that she give it to me. I can hardly put into words how God has used Ann’s writings to speak to this heart of mine at this moment in my life. It was as if Ann has been peaking into my heart – the thoughts and the feelings I sometimes struggle to put onto paper – yet were so beautifully set to words bringing me to tears throughout the book because I could so relate.

I have begun the “gift” journey and am on #36. I wrote this post ( the morning after I began reading the book. I know God is going to do a work in my heart and life through this very simple daily exercise. “It’s impossible to give thanks and simultaneously feel fear.” I love that quote. Today has been a difficult day, but I must remember thankfulness is a choice. And I must ask myself what I will choose today. Thank you, Ann, for your obedience in writing such a treasure. You have inspired me to seek after and live the fullest life I can in Jesus!

Sweet Blessings,
By: Pam

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