Always there

I look back at years past and can see times when I was close to God and the years where I was not.  In the latter, there was a void. An unquenchable desire for more than what the world was offering. No matter how great life  appeared, I wanted more.

Now, that void has been filled. The ‘more’ voices have hushed as my focus is on him and his plan.

Even through the absent years he was there, waiting for me to reach out and re-engage. He never let me go. It was I who let go of him.

Lessons were learned and I realised how much I needed him. Not just in the storms of life but to also celebrate the joy found in every day.

So thankful that his arms welcomed me home not with an  ‘I told you so’, but with ‘I love you’.

His grace and mercy overwhelms me. His love surrounds me. His strength is my strength.  It is so good to be sharing every day with him again.

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